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Apr, 2018

AROUND THE HORN: Jefferson County Little League Newsletter

- We have Majors Baseball team hats for sale at the Fairfield Concession Stand for $12 (Mariners, Orioles, Pirates, Rangers, Reds and Royals). Get them while supplies last!

- New Fairfield Baseball/Softball has arrived: 

QUESTION - Why do we have to play Inter-League games against Van Buren and Ja-Wa-Ke?

ANSWER - We have heard this question and thought it deserved an answer. In order to qualify for Little League District Tournaments, all Minors and Majors teams (baseball & softball) must play 12 regular season games. By playing Van Buren & Ja-Wa-Ke, it allows our league teams to play 12+ games without having to play the same teams 3+ times a year. The boys and girls get to play new players and it gives them new experiences. It's a win-win for the leagues involved.  

- Sportsmanship is a key component of Jefferson County Little League Baseball & Softball - this includes players, coaches and fans. Please set a good example for your players and encourage them to be leaders on their teams. Remember - players will not remember wins and losses when they grow older - they will remember their experiences and their teammates when they played.

- Players should remain in the dugout throughout their games (unless they are going to the bathroom). Please remind players to stay with their team in the dugout and not wonder around during and between innings.

- There is no food allowed in the dugout. Please help to keep our dugouts clean and ready for the next team. After each game, the team in the dugout is responsible for cleaning up after themselves (this include gum, wrappers, water/sports drinks bottles and personal items)

- Please do not climb on or over our neighbors' fences to retrieve balls, etc. Also, do not litter into their yards or around their fence lines. Respect their private property and represent Jefferson County Little League well.

- At Busch Stadium, Hank Aaron hits the first of his 755 career home runs in his seventh major league game (April 23, 1954)
- In front of 14,000 fans at the Chicago Cricket Club, the American League completes its first game when White Sox defeats the Cleveland Blues (later renamed the Indians) (April 24, 1901)
- Rickey Henderson breaks the career walks record established by Babe Ruth in 1935 when he receives his 2,063rd base on balls. (April 25, 2001)
- Ty Cobb, making his pro baseball debut at the age of seventeen, homers and doubles for Augusta in the South Atlantic League. He is released two days later (April 26, 1904)
- April 27 is Babe Ruth Day at all MLB Stadiums

Let's Play Ball!
Paul Konczal
President Jefferson County Little League

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